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Lombadina (1909 - 1975)

Catholic, Children's Home, Home and Mission
Alternative Names
  • Cygnet Point (also known as)
  • Lombadina Mission (also known as)
  • One Arm Point (also known as)

Lombadina, on the Dampier Peninsula, was a Mission established by the Catholic Diocese of Broome and run by the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottines) from 1909. It accommodated Aboriginal babies, children and young people. The Sisters of St John of God ran the Mission school from around 1917 to the 1970s. From 1905, the head of the government departments responsible for Aboriginal welfare was the guardian of children at Lombadina and from 1972 the chief executive officer of the Department for Community Welfare was the guardian of any children at Lombadina who were deemed to be 'native wards' or 'wards of the State'. In 1975, Lombadina became a self-governing community and its role in institutionalised child 'care' ended. However, it continued to receive government support as a subsidised centre under child welfare legislation until 1988.



1909 - 1975
Location - Lombadina was located on the Dampier Peninsula. Location: Lombadina

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  • Collection of typed copies of annual and other reports by and to the Chief Protector of Aborigines in Western Australia dated 1910 and 1911, Aborigines Department, Perth, 1910-1911. Details

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A big photo album: the archive of the Sisters of St John of God
A big photo album: the archive of the Sisters of St John of God
24 December 2010
Ben Collins, ABC Kimberley


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Prepared by: Debra Rosser