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St Andrew's Hostel, Esperance (1968 - 2000?)

Anglican, Government-run, Home, Hostel and Protestant
Alternative Names
  • St Andrews Hostel (also known as)

St Andrew's Hostel, Esperance was established in 1968 by the Anglican Diocese of Kalgoorlie to accommodate young people attending high school in Esperance. From 1973 to 1975 it was run by the Anglican Diocese of Perth and then by the Country High School Hostels Authority. It was not uncommon for children who were wards of the State to be boarded in the hostel. Around 2000, St Andrew's Hostel, Esperance was renamed Esperance Residential College.


Although control of St Andrew's Hostel, Esperance was handed over from the Anglican Diocese of Perth to the Country High School Hostels Authority (CHSHA) in 1975, from 1976 the Anglican Archdeacon of the Country was Chairman of the Board.

St Andrew's Hostel, Esperance was mentioned in the Special Inquiry into St Andrew's Hostel, Katanning as one of the hostels under the control of the CHSHA.

In 1977, the Hostel's Chairman, Archdeacon (later, Bishop) Michael Challen, reported that there had been allegations 'that the presence of the Matron in the boys' showers was not appreciated' by parents, some of whom had withdrawn their children from the hostel.

Former students were eligible to apply for Redress WA in 2008 and the Country High School Hostels Ex Gratia Scheme in 2013.


 1968 - 2000? St Andrew's Hostel, Esperance
       2000? - Esperance Residential College

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Prepared by: Debra Rosser