Barnardos House, Downer, opened in Canberra in 1964. It housed 10 to 15 boys and girls of all ages at a time, both temporarily and permanently, and sought to place children in foster homes where possible. In 1982, Barnardos House became the Barnardos Children’s Family Centre.

Barnardos House was the first Home to offer permanent residence for children in the ACT. The first four residents were British child migrants and they took up residence on 14 February 1964. However, the home was mainly for local children.

The shelter was run first by the ACT Regional Officer of the Dr Barnardo’s Homes organisation.

Barnardos House was originally going to be called Elizabeth House after the Queen Mother who was planned to officially open the Home. The Queen Mother was unable to attend due to illness and it appears the Home was renamed in early 1964.

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  • Alternative Names

    Elizabeth House

    Barnardo Home

    Dr Barnardo's Homes


  • 1964 - 1982

    Barnardos House was located at 2 Atherton Street, Downer, Australian Capital Territory (Building Still standing)



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