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Home of the Good Shepherd, Nundah


The Home of the Good Shepherd, Eton House, Nundah was operated by the Anglican Society of the Sacred Advent. The Home was formally opened in June 1893, and accommodated homeless girls. In 1894, the Home expanded to receive ‘private payment orphans’ as well. In 1901 the children were transferred to the Tufnell Home.

In June 1893 the Sisters of the Sacred Advent opened the Home of the Good Shepherd at Nundah. The Sisters purchased and closed Eton Boys School, then reopened as a home to accommodate homeless girls. The home was located on land bounded by Bishop Street, Buckland Road, Wand Street and Olive Street.

In 1897 the Sisters purchased a second house for the Home of the Good Shepherd. This house was located near where the Rectory is on the present Tufnell site. In 1901 the widow of Reverend Edward Tufnell donated one thousand pounds for the Sisters to purchase a house to expand the Home of the Good Shepherd. The house purchased was on top of Gardener’s Hill. The children moved to the new home which was renamed Tufnell Home on 6 February 1901. This is the present site of Tufnell, home to Anglicare.

In 1897 the Home of the Good Shepherd also obtained use of a property known as Ormiston House, near Cleveland, for use as a domestic training home for girls, and girls from the Nundah home were transferred to Ormiston.


The 2001 publication Missing Pieces (page 52) reported the existence of an Admissions Book for the “Home of the Good Shepherd and Tufnell Home” for the period 1893 to 1933 ).

In 2014, Anglican Archives advised the Find & Connect web resource that this information about the Admissions Book was not correct.

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  • 1893 - 1901

    Home of the Good Shepherd was situated at Buckland Road, Nundah, Queensland (Building Demolished)

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