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Home of the Good Shepherd, Ormiston


The Home of the Good Shepherd, in Ormiston was run by the Sisters of the Sacred Advent at Ormiston House, near Cleveland. The home trained homeless girls aged 12 to 13 in domestic service, with girls initially transferred from the Home of the Good Shepherd, Nundah. It opened in 1897 and closed in 1913 as the age for employment was raised to 13.

The 2001 publication Missing Pieces (page 52) reported the existence of an Admissions Book for the “Home of the Good Shepherd and Tufnell Home” for the period 1893 to 1933 ).

In 2014, Anglican Archives advised the Find & Connect web resource that this information about the Admissions Book was not correct.

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    c. 1913


  • 1897 - c. 1913

    The Home of the Good Shepherd, Ormiston was situated at Ormiston House on Wellington Street, Ormiston, Queensland (Building Still standing)

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