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Loreto Family Group Home


Loreto Family Group Home, at Kangaroo Point, was run by the Order of the Sisters of Mercy. It opened in 1964 and closed in 1971.

Loreto Family Group Home was one of four off-site homes established and staffed by St Vincent’s Home for Children. It was opened and licensed under The State Children Act in October 1964. It was then licensed under The Children’s Services Act on 4 August 1966. The home closed in 1971.

The address given for the home is Collins Street, Kangaroo Point, however it appears that Collins Street no longer exists with that name in Kangaroo Point.

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    October 1964

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  • 1964 - 1971

    Loreto Family Group Home was situated at 31 Collins Street, Kangaroo Point, Queensland (Building Unknown)


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