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St Vincent's Home for Children


St Vincent’s Home for Children, Queens Road, Nudgee, was operated by the Order of the Sisters of Mercy. Previously known as St Vincent’s Orphanage, the name changed to St Vincent’s Home for Children in 1935. From 1938 children under two years were admitted. The home closed as a residential facility in 1971.

In 1938, children between the ages of nine months to two years were admitted to St Vincent’s. Prior to that, children were admitted from two years and older. Today the site of the former St Vincent’s Home is still owned by the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy and accommodates the head office of Mercy Family Services, which continues to run programs for children, young people and families. This includes foster care and residental care programs.

St Vincent’s Home for Children was licensed under the Orphanages Act of 1879. It was further licensed under the State Children Act 1911. In 1966 the home was licensed once again under the Children’s Services Act 1965.

A publication from 1968 stated that St Vincent’s Home could accommodate 280 boys and girls aged from 9 months to 14 years. “Children under 5 have a nursery of their own. Kindergarten training is provided for the 3 to 5 years age group. There is a visiting doctor and dentist; nursing care and clothing are provided (Social Services Queensland, 1968, p.94).”

A cluster of Family Group Homes opened at St Vincent’s campus in the 1970s:

McAuley, Whitty, Conlan, O’Quinn and Duhig Homes and Curtis Hostel. Bayview Cottage continued to operate as a group home in a former dormitory building.

Off-site group homes were established and St Vincent’s was gradually phased out as a residential facility in 1971.

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  • Alternative Names

    Nudgee Orphanage

    St Vincent's Centre

    St Vincent's Orphanage


  • 1935 - 1971

    St Vincent's Home for Children was situated at Queens Road, Nudgee, Queensland (Building Still standing)



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