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Manly Industrial School and Orphanage (1881 - 1910)

Catholic, Children's Home, Home, Orphanage and School
Alternative Names
  • Industrial School, Manly

The Manly Industrial School and Orphanage was opened in 1881 by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan at Manly. From 1881-1910 it accommodated girls aged two to 18 years and from 1883 to 1891 it also housed boys up to the age of ten. In 1886 it received the remaining children from the Roman Catholic Orphanage at Parramatta, which had just closed. Manly Industrial School and Orphanage closed in 1910.


The Industrial School at Manly was at first intended for girls whose parents were unable to look after them. The property was purchased by the Trustees of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in 1880, and the home opened on 20 July 1881.

The orphans and destitute children were admitted from two years of age and attended school until they were fourteen. Many were trained for domestic service and were taught cooking and laundry work. Some were employed in dress making, shirt making, sewing, knitting and machine work. Situations in domestic service and business establishments were procured for them before they left school. When the orphanage closed the children were transferred to Mater Dei Orphanage at Narellan and the Balmain Industrial School.


1881 - 1910
Location - Manly Industrial School and Orphanage was situated off Pittwater Road, Manly. Location: Manly


 1844 - 1886 Roman Catholic Orphan School
       1881 - 1910 Manly Industrial School and Orphanage

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