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New South Wales - Archival Collection

Records relating to Child and Youth Migration (c. 1919 - c. 1974)

New South Wales

c. 1919
c. 1974

There is a collection of Records relating to Child and Youth Migration to New South Wales at the State Records Authority of New South Wales. It comprises various government records relating to child migration from around 1919 to the mid 1970s. The records were created by agencies including: the Chief Secretary's Department Immigration Division, the Department of Community Services, the Department of Education, the Department of Industrial Relations and the Department of Labour and Industry.


Access Conditions

Access to some of these records may be restricted to protect personal privacy. People wishing to access restricted records can either contact their nearest Community Services Centre to apply or they can post the information; an application form must be completed together with proof of identity provided.


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry