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St Anne's Nursing Home (1937 - c. 1958)

c. 1958
Adoption Agency, Catholic, Home and Maternity Home

St Anne's Nursing Home was a maternity and general hospital run by the Sisters of Mercy from 1937 in the Perth suburb of Mount Lawley. Many babies were adopted from St Anne's. Around 1958, the Home became known as St Anne's Maternity Home.



10 April 1937 - c. 1958
Location - St Anne's Hospital was established by the Sisters of Mercy on the corner of Thirlmere and Ellesmore Streets in Mount Lawley. Location: Mount Lawley


 1937 - c. 1958 St Anne's Nursing Home
       c. 1958 - 1982 St Anne's Maternity Home
             1982 - 1997 St Anne's Mercy Hospital
                   1997 - 2014 Mercy Hospital
                         2014 - St John of God Mount Lawley Hospital

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Prepared by: Debra Rosser