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Western Australia - Archival Item

Files of the Education Department relating to C.W.A Hostels, Bunbury (1949 - 1992)


The Departmental Files of the Western Australian Education Department and Ministry of Education contain several records about the C.W.A Boys' Hostel (Craig House) and C.W.A Girls' Hostel (Heath House) in Bunbury. The nature of these records or the information they hold is not clear.



Some of these records have open access, and some have no access information provided. For access to these records please contact the State Records Office of Western Australia (SROWA).


The series titled 'Files - Departmental' (SROWA reference number S24) contains the following records relating to C.W.A Hostels in Bunbury:

  • Bunbury High - Hostel for boys (SROWA Item number 1949/0239)
  • Bunbury Senior High - Site for Boys Hostel, 1950-1976 (SROWA Item 1950/0184)
  • Bunbury High School (Craig House Hostel) for boys, 1959-1963 (SROWA Item number 1959/0681)
  • Bunbury High - Hostel or boarding houses for pupils (SROWA Item number 1922/2457)
  • Bunbury Senior High School - Hostel for Boys and Girls, 1982-1992 (SROWA Item number 1982/F0126)
  • Bunbury Senior High School - Site For Girls Hostel, 1949-1992 (SROWA Item number 1949/F0986)
  • Bunbury High - Hostel for girls (Haig Crescent) (SROWA Item number 1949/0985)
  • Bunbury Senior High. Hostel for Girls, 1957-1969 (SROWA item number 1957/0764)

Further detail regarding the contents of these records is not yet available.

Prepared by: Constance Thurley-Hart