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Dr Barnardo's Homes (Australia Branch) (1883 - 1966)

Care Provider, Community Service Organisation, Non-denominational and Receiving Agency

Dr Barnardo's Homes (Australia Branch) began in 1883 when eight boys travelled from Dr Barnardo's Home in Stepney, London, to Australia. From 1920 to 1965 Barnardo's ran an official Immigration Scheme under which many children migrated to Australia. In 1966 the name of the agency changed to Dr Barnardos in Australia.


The initial aim of the charity founded by Dr Thomas Barnardo of Dublin, was to provide homes for the homeless children of London and other cities in the United Kingdom.

Whilst contact with Australia had previously been made when several groups of Barnardos children emigrated from 1883, an official Immigration Scheme was implemented in 1920. Many children were sent to Australia under this scheme until 1965. In 1966 the name of the agency changed from Dr Barnardo's Homes (Australia Branch) to Dr Barnardos in Australia.


 1883 - 1966 Dr Barnardo's Homes (Australia Branch)
       1966 - 1995? Dr Barnardos in Australia
             c. 1995 - Barnardos Australia

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